Things to Do in Tallinn

Soviet Prison Tour

Imagine walking around an old abandoned Sea Fortress. Our guide gets the keys to Patarei Soviet Prison and takes you into the dark world of what could be the creepiest and coldest buildings in Tallinn. Explaining the execution chamber, the bookings room and the medical wing are just some of the highlights on this tour!

Runs daily at 4pm - €10 euros per person

Tactical Shooting

Fancy shooting some big-ass guns? Tearing up the shooting range with an AK-47 from the hip, Shouting "I AM LEGEND!!" while shooting dual glocks with laser sights or feeling the inmense power of the wold famouse Desert Eagle .50. We can make this happen for ya!
Small package for €40 euros includes:
five shots with a Revolver, five shots with a Glock 17, ten shots with an AK47, ten shots with a shotgun

Large package for €75 euros includes:
ten shots with the silenced James Bond gun, ten+ten dual Glocks with laser sights, thirty shots with the AK47, one shot with the Desert Eagle.50, ten shots with a shotgun, six with a Mosin Nagant

Bar Crawl

Local guides, four bars and a night club - special discounts, shots and a welcome beer included!

Prices start from €9 euros per person and special arrangements can be made for groups!

Escape Room

Fans of the Crystal Maze? Then try these real-life escape games in Tallinn. There are five unique rooms where teams of 2 to 6 people find clues based on various story lines to solve puzzles and to escape within 60 minutes. Using your and your friends collective brain power, can you solve the riddles and puzzles to break out of one of the four themed rooms? Themed rooms include :

- Prison Break
- Taken
- Slaughterhouse
- Secret Lab

Prices start from €15 euro per person

Archery Tag

Like paintball, but better, with BOWS and ARROWS, not real arrows of course!

Lada Racing

Rally cross and crash car derby old soviet Lada`s.


Indoor, choose!

Other Activities

We also organise occasionally bowling, paintball, archery tag and other activities - if there is something you would like our help with please email us at: