Do you have a beard?


It's still hard to forget the sad day - Arriving to Estonia deep into my European travels, having absolutely no money left, I was forced to choose between getting a job or keep my beard. Well, that was over 5 years ago and it is safe to say... it did not take long to figure out I found my new home shortly after I hit Tallinn. My goal was to create a hostel bar that felt like home, a comfortable place for me and my new family to drink, have fun, listen to good music. A place where it's easy for locals, guests and expats to mingle as one.


After rocking up in Tallinn back in 2011, a supposed "few months" turned into a few years of partying with this crew. Being born in South Africa and years of working in-and running hostels, Tallinn and the Red Emperor made sure I remembered why I love and stay in the industry of travel and hospitality. And, best part... how many jobs require you to NOT shave! \m/

The rest of us may have arrived cleanly shaven, but we not gonna leave the same way!